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Is it possible for solo travelers get exclusive solo tour?

Let's think of an optimized way to travel in covid world.

The classic travel as a rule means traveling in groups. Depending on the company you selected, the group size can be up to 15 people and as big as 70. Large groups need huge buses, smaller groups usually take minibus up to 18 passengers.

But today, with this covid situation, simple logic says everybody must be careful. Before all, be careful means to limit the interaction with other people. Related to the travel, this means that there should be less people in the group, no crowded places to visit and all round that.

With covid limitations, even heavily touristic countries now have their very popular overcrowded places quite empty. We can see that with each country: Greece with Acropolis and famous UNESCO places, Paris with Eiffel tower, Prague with square with famous clock, Dubrovnik's old town, etc etc. Everywhere some people exist but no crowds as it was before covid, say in 2018.

But let's think more. The same logic tells us that travelers will be less exposed with visiting less touristic countries and places, for example in Southern Europe it's Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, instead of Greece, Croatia, Italy.

Very well, the alternatives exist, and look pretty safe as shown in the coronavirus statistic in such countries.

Let's think now about the size of the group to travel. Yes, as the tourism industry suffers a lot with covid limitations, the probability that you will find a large group is low. This means we are going toward a small group to travel. But what is a small group, really? First, it is a group of people from any country of the world, anyway. Yes, this is not 70 people, but 15 people now is already a lot.

If we take a look on differ sites that aggregate offers from tour operators, we can see that it is possible to find companies that offer travel in groups less than 10 people. But, together with that, the same companies set the condition that the tour will happen only if min 5 people book it. So, if this tour will be booked from 4 people only, this tour will be cancelled. This limitation will easily destroy the travel plans and will make people who paid to worry about paid money. So, instead of expecting nice travel, people will stay home, disappointed and with worries.

Well, in that case let's take a look on private tours. This option will help and guarantee that your tour will actually happen. But, this is a private tour, only you and your group will participate. Your group... but what if you're alone, and have no group, have no anybody who would like to make you a company to travel together?

And this group needs, because as a rule, such private tours anyway have the condition like 2 people minimum.

All that makes the lone traveler seek the companies that offer tours for solo travelers. Quick look at the situation reveals that such companies indeed exist, but they do not offer what you are looking for. The truth is, most solo tours on the market are really group tours for solo travelers.

Now we come to the understanding what solo travelers would like to have and which kind of struggles solo travelers find on the way to get a desired tour: is it really possible to have an exclusive solo tour for 1 person only? Is it possible to get a tour for you only, where are no other travelers?

We, at Monterrasol Travel, have the answer to that. We say clear and loud: yes.

With us you can do any of our tours really alone, without any other travelers. You will have a car with a driver only for you, the tour leader will serve you only, talk and explain things for you only, and you will have the comfort of traveling never obtained in groups.

Last reviewed: 8 May 2021

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